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Published Works

  • Foreword to the book Breakthroughs of Grace, Asian Social Institute (ASI), Institute of Spirituality in Asia (ISA), 2010;
  • Spirituality & Development Work, Spirituality: Contexts and Challenges, Lecture Series VIII, New Manila: Q.C., Institute of Spirituality in Asia (ISA), 2009;
  • Globalization and its Implications to Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation, The ASI Option, Volume XXVIII, no. 1 (Jan-Apr 2008);
  • One of the endorsers of the book Preaching Justice. Dominican Ethics for the Twenty-First Century, Francesco Compagnon, OP & Helen Alford, OP (eds), Dublin: Dominican Publications, 2007;
  • Una Coerente Traduzione Pratica delle Encicliche in NUNTIUM, Numero Speciale: a 40 anni dalla Populorum Progressio e a 20 anni dalla Solicitudo Rei Socialis, Rino Fisichella (ed.), Pontificia Università  Lateranense, 2007;
  • Social Individualism, Sustainability and Globalization, The Role of the Individual vis-à-vis the Family, Society and State in Asia and Europe, An ASEF Monograph, Singapore: Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), 2001;
  • Communication & Social Change, Value Implications, Media & Politics in Transition, Cultural Identity in the Age of Globalization, by Jan Servaes & Rico Lie (eds.), Leuven: Uitgeverij Acco, 2000, pp. 39-52;
  • When Labour Does Not Pay: The Case of the Filipino Outmigration, Monograph no. 9, Manila: Asian Social Institute, 1997;
  • Continuing Education for Overseas Contract Workers: Creating a Supportive Policy Environment, with Alfonso Deza (co-author), Foundation for Continuing Education, Manila: Asian Institute of Journalism, 1997;
  • Moral & Spiritual Renaissance in Asia, MAKATAO, Vol. XV, 1, Manila: Asian Social Institute, 1997, pp 9-19;
  • The Problem and the Possibility of Intercultural Communications: The Case of the Philippines, co-authored with Jose de Mesa, Een Glaube in Vielen Kulturen, Aachen: Institut Missio IKO, Verlag for Interkulturelle Kommunickation, 1996, pp. 131-143;
  • Understanding Philippine Social Realities through the Filipino Family, a Phenomenological Approach, Manila: Asian Social Institute (ASI) 1993 (second edition);
  • The Filipino: Towards Moral Recovery (Value Clarification for Social Transformation), Manila: Asian Social Institute (ASI), (revised edition) 1993;
  • Communication from the Ground Up, Asian Social Institute, Manila, 1990;
  • The Socio-Cultural Presuppositions of the Filipino Outmigration, Scalabrini Migration Center, Manila, 1987.


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Position Papers, Articles & Keynote Speeches

  • "Volunteerism: from Noble Ideas to Noble Action",
    presented during the 58th Annual Membership Meeting of the Community Chest Foundation on March, 2008;
  • "Globalization, Research and Sustainable Development",
    International Research Conference of the West Visayas State University, February 28, 2008, Iloilo City, Philippines;
  • "Qualitative Research",
    Philippine Association of Graduate Education, Region 12, Notre Dame University, Tacurong, General Santos City, Philippines;
  • "Religion, Religiosity and Spirituality in the Context of a Globalizing World",
    International Forum of the Association of Sociology of Religion held jointly with the Pontifical University of St Thomas, January 2008;
  • "The Integration of the Academe, Research and Social Development in the Context of a Globalizing World",
    Philippine Association of Graduate Education (PAGE) - National Capital Region (NCR), February 2007;
  • "Sustainable Economic Development and its Short/Medium Effect on the Rural Areas",
    Asian Institute of Management Conference Center, Makati City, December 2007;
  • "Understanding the Poorest of the Poor",
    12th Annual Partners Meeting of Consuelo Foundation, October 2007;
  • "Indicators of Qualitative Research",
    45th Annual Convention of the Philippine Association of Graduate Education, September, 2007,
  • "Education and Global Challenges",
    Diamond Jubilee, Holy Angels Academy, August 2007;
  • "Strategies for Social Development",
    World Council for Curriculum Development, August 11, 2007;
  • "Spirituality and Total Human Development",
    Annual Forum of the Center for Spirituality in Asia (ISA), August, 2005; same paper delivered in the Conference of Asia-Friendship Society, November, 2003, Osaka, Japan and in Conference of JAFs, Korea;
  • "Catholic Education and the Filipino Family",
    Catholic Education Association of the Philippines (CEAP), August 23, 2003, Iloilo City, Philippines;
  • "Research and Advocacy Towards National Renewal and National Building",
    Association of Catholic Universities (ACUP), Philippines, May, 2003.


Awards & Recognitions


  • 1959 Pius XI Catholic Award of St. Theresa's College of Arts and Sciences;
  • Frederick Ozanam Award of the Ateneo de Manila University (1991);
  • Plaque of Appreciation as Religious Leader, Social Educator and Member of De La Salle University (DLSU) Board of Trustees Central University System 1991-1997;
  • Historical Women Award (in the area of Spirituality) of the Philippine National Centennial Commission - Women's Sector (1999);
  • A Festchrift titled In the Service of Culture, Spirituality and Development edited by Leopoldo J. Dejillas (ed.) with 7 authors contributing. Published in Metro-Manila. Megr Design Print, 2001;
  • St Benedict Award, San Beda College, 16 Feb. 2005;
  • Featured in Women Awardees of the Ateneo de Manila Library of Women's Writings, Q.C., 2009;
  • Featured in Outstanding Filipino Achievers by Visitacion "Chit" R. de la Torre and Genevieve V. Ledesma, Phd., Las Pinas City, Philippines: Southville International School and Colleges.

Summary of scientific research:

  • Consultant to ASI's Study on Community Economics in Angono, Binangonan, Cardona (ABC), April 2010;
  • Consultant to the Study, "God Speaking in the Hearts of the People", Asian Social Institute (ASI), for MISSIO-AACHEN, 2003;
  • Consultant to the Study, "Re-thinking the Church's Option for the Poor", Asian Social Institute (ASI) for MISSIO-AACHEN, 2003;
  • "Globalization and Filipino Youth", December 2000;
  • A study on Filipinizing Bureaucracy, for the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, Manila, 1998;
  • An assessment of the animation work of the Federation of Asian Bishops' Conference (FABC) and its impact on the Asian Bishops, January 1995.

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