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A Public Petition Against Corruption

A Personal Encounter of Dr. Mina Ramirez with Pope Francis: Wish Come True

My personal encounter with Pope Francis is something I prayed for from “Our Lady of Surprises” and St. Therese of the Child Jesus, who herself broke protocol by speaking to the Pope Leo XIII  about her desire to enter Carmel when she was fifteen years old.  I must say that my prayers were answered. 


A Big THANK YOU to our Graduates in Hanoi and North Vietnam

You have shared your social concerns, your social involvements with us in education, research and social action!

Fr. Joseph, thank you for visiting us at the hotel. You remembered how you couldn’t speak a word of English when you arrived at the ASI hostel. And now as a parish priest, you enjoy your experiences with people and your being a lecturer at the seminary teaching the following subjects: Christian Social Teachings, Research, Sociology, and Communication for Development.  We are happy with your statement that your teaching becomes alive with your insights from your pastoral experiences with people.


ASI Celebrates 50 Years

We are happy to announce that on October 4-6, 2012, Asian Social Institute (ASI) will celebrate its 50th (Golden) Anniversary with the theme, “50 Years of ASI’s Commitment to Total Human Development: Reaping the Harvest and Planting Seeds on New Ground.”

In this connection, we are coming up with a “Souvenir Program” to feature ASI alumni, both foreign and local, who are in different dimensions of total human development addressing the issues of various sectors, such as: children, youth,



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