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Asian Social Institute has been tapped by Community and Family Services International (CFSI), an international organization assisting refugees, disaster victims and marginalized groups in Asia, to provide technical assistance in carrying out its Social Work Education Program in Vietnam particularly in the training of managers of Social Protection Centers and Social Work Centers under the Ministry of Labor, Invalid and Social Affairs (MOLISA), and in collaboration with the University of Labor and Social Affairs (ULSA).   The project is funded by Atlantic Philanthropy and UNICEF.

SWEP Vietnam will run for four years from 2011-2014. The role of ASI in the Executive Training is to provide technical assistance in developing the training designs, production of instructional materials for the Certificate Course in Social Work Administration, training of trainers, and assistance in the consolidation of training evaluations.  The Certificate Course in Social Work Administration consists of seven modules covering a total of  35 days. The actual training is being carried out in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City by Vietnamese professors and lecturers from various universities and some experienced Vietnamese social work practitioners.  The course has 15 units academic credits for Masters of Science in Social Work, which would enable qualified graduates to proceed to Masters Degree in Social Work, which is another component of SWEP Vietnam. Four hundred (400) managers will be trained for the Certificate Course, and about a hundred (100) for the Masters Program in Social Work.

The short-term objective of the project is to equip social service program managers and supervisors with knowledge and skills in direct social work practice, social work supervision and administration and resource mobilization.  In the long run, the program is expected to create a more enabling environment for social workers in Vietnam, improved programs and services for the poor and the disadvantaged sectors of Vietnamese society, and better governance.

For many years, Asian Social Institute (ASI) has been providing scholarships to Vietnamese graduate students many of whom are working with churches and non-government organizations in Vietnam. At present there are more than 40 ASI graduates of Social Work in Vietnam. Many are working with NGOs, church related programs, and a number of them are teaching in some universities. Some graduates are  also working with the government.


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