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On the occasion of the Asian Social Institute's celebration of its 50th year (1962-2012), the following three Golden Anniversary publications were launched on October 5, 2012, after the Francis Senden Memorial Lecture at Adamson University Auditorium in San Marcelino.

  The ASI Golden Jubilee Book, one of the main features honors the Founder and all religious, lay collaborators, partners, graduates, and associates under the leadership first of the Rev. Fr. Francis Senden, cicm (1962-1973), and of Dr. Mina Ramirez, the Founder's successor from 1973 to date.
  The Senden Papers (Vol. 1), a compilation of the foundational ideas and insights of the Rev. Dr. Francis Senden, cicm during his active missionary life in the Philippines until his demise in 1973. These papers are focused on the missionary's research and actual immersion in Philippine socio-political and religious realities. His theory of Part and Whole, expounded in his article, "The Philosophical Foundation of the Socio-Political Order" is followed by discussion of issues in the socio-cultural, economic-political and religious realm -- land reform, agrarian reform, the labor problem, marriage and the family, the Catholic school and social action ministry of the Church.
  Dr. Mina Ramirez (Director & President of ASI, from 1973 to present) published Vol. II as a companion to Vol. I. Dr. Ramirez in her writings came up with the development of social thought regarding integral human and social development. She developed a set of sensitizing and interpretative concepts and theories for an understanding of human and social realities in rapidly changing contexts of an increasingly globalizing world, citing proposed solutions from ASI's experiences.

The Golden Anniversary publications are available for sale at Asian Social Institute. Please course your inquiries through the President's Office c/o Ms. Nelia Villaflores (02) 523-3483. 


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