Master of Science in Sociology With Specialization in Transformational Politics

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This course is designed to develop leaders with grassroots orientation and a deep sense of service to the people, particularly to the least, the last and the lost in our society and leaders who are committed to the task of social transformation rooted in our Filipino spirituality. It is aimed at integrating theory and practice towards transformative politics, servant leadership and spiritual governance that would allow for greater people’s participation in politics and governance.

As a graduate study, it also aims to build the students’ capabilities for theoretical studies and empirical research to make the programs more intellectually robust and more firmly grounded in documented experiences of the people through Phenomenological Research. While it is focused on developing leaders for social transformation, it is also the objective of the Course, in the process, to develop communities or staging areas throughout the country for developing Transformational Politics and Transformational Political  Leadership.


Course RequirementsCourse No.Title of SubjectsUnits
Basic Subjects (12 units) SocTP223 Philosophy of Commitment to Total Human Development 3
SocTP224 Socio-Cultural Analysis I 3
SocTP225 Research Methods 3
SocTP233 Community Economics 3
Field of Specialization 24 units) SocTP226 Political Sociology and History of Political Thought 3
SocTP227 Sociology of Power and Understanding the Government Bureaucracy 3
SocTP228 Social Movements, Socio-Political Organizations and Civil Society 3
SocTP229 Leadership Forms and Processes in Governance and Politics 3
SocTP230 Religion, Culture and Politics 3
SocTP231 Christian Social Teachings and Caritas in Veritate in Leadership, Politics and Governance 3
SocTP234 Legal Philosophy 3
Cognates 3 units - choose one) Eco235 Project Planning and Management 3
SocTP232 Community-based Information System 3
SocTP 238 Political Technocracy 3
Research Requirement 6 units) SocTP247 Thesis Writing/ Phenomenology of Transformational Politics and Governance 3
Total Number of Units42


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