Bachelor of Science in Social Work

The formation of individuals who desire to bring about the relevant social change and who will be able to intervene in social problems related to the functioning of multi-level human systems is carried on in two educational levels offered by the Social Work Section, i.e., the BSSW which is being described here and the MSSW, on the next page.

The Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW) degree is a specialized course offered for three semesters to individuals who are envisioned to be working directly with the grassroots.  The focus of instruction is in strengthening the philosophical base and in developing among the students the commitment as well as the skills to work with the marginalized groups on a partnership level.

  • Social Work Board Review (Last week of May – 2nd week of June)
  • Social Work Board Exam (Last Monday and Tuesday of June)

2006 Enriched Curriculum (Effective 1st Semester SY 2006 – 2007)

Course No.Title of SubjectsUnits
SW 200 Philosophy of Commitment to Total Human Development 3
SW 201 Filipino Personality and Social Work (including Personal Growth) 3
SW 202 Social Deviation and Social Work 3
SW 203 Introduction to Social Work (Foundations of Social Work Profession and Fields of SW) 3
SW 204 Social Realities, Social Welfare and Development Perspectives 3
SW 205 Social Work Practice with Individuals and Families (including family types, structures, dynamics in Philippine context) 3
SW 206 Communication and Documentation in Social Work 3
SW 207 Social Welfare Policies, Programs and Services 3
SW 208 Social Welfare Agency Administration 3
SW 209 Field Instruction I 6
SW 210 Social Work Practice with Communities (including community types, structures and processes) 3
SW 211 Social Work Statistics 3
SW 212 Social Work Research I 3
SW 213 Social Work Research 2 3
SW 214 Social Work Counseling (including Current Trends in Social Work Practice) 3
SW 215 Social Work Community Education and Training 3
SW 216 Social Work Practice with Groups (including group concept types, structures, dynamics and processes) 3
SW 217 Social Welfare Project and Program Development and Management 3
SW 218 Field Instruction II 6
SW 219 Seminar in Social Work Practice 3
Total Number of Units66


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