Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Cosmic Anthropology

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For policy-makers and implementors from various institutions with a masteral background from any discipline who

  • have the ability to process transformational change within themselves and others;
  • are able to contribute original, personal insights on their experiences;
  • nurture some vision in life;
  • possess a strong psychological and spiritual foundation, yet still willing to take a second look at themselves;
  • are currently working in an institution involved in managing change;
  • are in touch and can communicate with both the masses and the elite –

are invited to join this program to help facilitate the birthing and renewal of life-giving socio-economic and political structures so that everyone may have access to life and live it to their fullest potential.  The program endeavors to prepare leaders of institutions to exercise effective leadership for the 21st century.


  1. To instill a renewed consciousness of person in relation to the total environment, a cosmic consciousness leading to a creation-centered spirituality towards sustainable development;
  2. To draw out new paradigms for understanding physical, human, social and spiritual realities;
  3. To stimulate through an interdisciplinary program of study a creative search in developing approaches for transformative value processes rooted in one’s socio-cultural heritage for effective participation in a world culture of justice, peace, and integrity of creation.

Course Curriculum:

Subject ClusterCourse No.SubjectsUnits
Creation Spirituality ACA 061 Introduction To Creation Spirituality 3
ACA 062 Asian Values And Creation Spirituality 3
ACA 063 Spiritual Expressions Of Cosmic Consciousness 3
Social Basis Of People’s Drives ACA 071 Structural Patterns Of Human Consciousness 3
ACA 072 Language And Socio-Cultural Transformation 3
ACA 073 Mythology, The Basis Of Institutional Dynamics 3
ACA 074 Semiotics And Communication Of Change Processes 3
Basis For People’s Biosphere ACA 081 Critical Issues Related To Sustainable Development 3
ACA 082 Mediated Economics (The Monetary Cultural System) In Developing Countries 3
ACA 083 The Significance Of The Informal Sector 3
ACA 084 Cooperativism And Sustainable Development 3
Directing Institutions And Movements Towards A Dignified Life For All ACA 091
PARTS 1 & 2
Accompanying People’s Movements Towards Socio-Cultural Transformation 6
ACA 092 Harmonizing Technology And Ecological Concerns 3
Qualitative Approaches To Research And Theory-Building ACA 101 Theory Of Integrating Science, Psycho-Philosophical, Religio-Mystical Approaches 3
Practicum 3
Dissertation 15
Total Number Of Units 63


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