Master of Science in Sociology Major in Pastoral Sociology

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Pastoral Sociology is the study of how Faith is to be grounded on the socio-cultural context of people’s lives, where the task of the pastoral sociologist is to analyze this interaction between religiosity and the social environment. By utilizing sociological tools, the pastoral sociologist is expected to facilitate the transformation of socio-cultural structures and values for a deepening of Faith. Thus, the program is designed to form sociologists who will contribute effectively to pastoral tasks.

This program is designed to develop the caring competency of those in ordained and non-ordained ministries, who are committed to the service of the Church-in-the world.


Course RequirementsCourse No.Title of SubjectsUnits
Basic Subjects (18 units) PS 223 Philosophy of Commitment to Total Human Development 3
PS 224 Socio-Cultural Analysis I 3
PS 225 Research Methods 3
PS 226 Statistics 3
PS 227 Phenomenological Research 3
PS 228 History of Social Thought 3
Field of Specialization (24 units) PS 230 Introduction to Pastoral Ministry 3
PS 231 Socio-Cultural Analysis II 3
PS 232 Sociology of Religion 3
PS 233 Community Organization 3
PS 234 Pastoral Communication 3
PS 235 Christology 3
PS 236 Pastoral Psychology 3
PS 237 Pastoral Planning and Administration 3
Required Cognate (3 units) Eco 228 Economic Analysis 3
Cognates/ Electives (any one = 3 units) Eco 235 Project Planning and Management 3
SW 238 Human Relations Training 3
GS 237 Communication for Development 3
GS 234 Asian Studies 3
GS 236 Organizational Development 3
Research   Requirement (9 units) PS 246 Thesis Seminar 3
PS 247 Thesis Writing 6
Total Number of Units57


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