Master of Science in Social Work

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The program is designed for the formation of individuals committed to relevant social change and willing to intervene in social problems related to the functioning of multi level human systems.  It develops in the student a strong sense of commitment to the profession and the people being served through the internalization of the basic philosophy and the ethical components of social work practice.  It aims at providing students with adequate knowledge and skills in the areas of administration, research, supervision, education, and social planning, to make them effective and relevant partners in meeting the multiplicity of problems inherent in a rapidly changing world.

MSSW Curriculum:

Course RequirementsCourse No.Title of SubjectsUnits
Basic Subjects (12 units) SW 221 Philosophy of Commitment to Total Human Development 3
SW 225 Research Methods 3
SW 228 Communication for Development 3
SW 229 Phenomenological Research 3
Specialization (26 units) SW 223 Advanced Social Work Supervision with HRT 3
SW 224 Advanced Community Practice (Meso & Macro) 3
SW 226 Clinical Practice (Micro) with Practicum (200 hrs) 5
SW 227 Social Work Education with Practicum (100 hrs) 4
SW 230 Advanced Groupwork with Practicum (100 hrs) 4
SW 231 Social Welfare Policies, Planning and Program Development with Practicum  (100 hrs) 4
SW 232 Advanced Social Work Administration (with Organizational Development) 3
Required Cognate (3 units) SW 222 Socio-Cultural Analysis I 3
Cognate/ Elective (choose one - 3 units) GS 231 Socio-Cultural Analysis II 3
GS 234 Asian Studies 3
Research  Requirement (9 units) SW 233 Thesis Seminar 3
SW 234 Thesis 6
Total Number of Units53


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