Master in Social Services and Development

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The Master in Social Services and Development Program is one of ASI’s graduate programs that amplify the Vision, Mission, and Goals of the Institute. This graduate program is designed for persons who are presently or expect to be engaged in the social services, human and social development processes. Such engagements can be in the context of developing countries or other kinds of poverty being experienced in diverse social realities.

The program will weave together Catholic and other Christian social teachings; indigenous and inter-faith spirituality; Filipino and other Asian values. This will be a program of co-learners as faculty, students, cooperating agencies and organizations, as well as partner communities implement it.

It is a program that seeks student participants who would be maturing adults and who would find challenge in significant opportunities for self-learning and other self-initiatives for growth. It is responsive to the participants’ need for a program the essential task of which they can also do at their own time and where they are presently possibly engaged.  The students also have a choice between Program Plan A (with thesis writing) and Program Plan B (with thesis writing equivalent.

Students of the program will come from various Catholic and other Christian churches, Non-government Organizations, National and Local Government Units, Social Services and Social Development organizations / entities.

MSSD Curriculum:

Course RequirementsCourse No.Title of SubjectsUnits
Basic Subjects (15 units) SSD 223 Philosophy of Commitment to Total Human Development 3
SSD 224 Socio-Cultural Analysis I 3
SSD 225 Research Methods 3
SSD 226 Statistics 3
SSD 250 Social Development Perspective and Processes 3
Core Subjects (any 6 = 18 units) SSD 251 Components of Social Services 3
SSD 252 Poverty Alleviation Strategies 3
SSD 227 Phenomenological Research 3
SSD 237 Communication for Development 3
SSD 253 Community Work: Theory and Practice 3
SSD 254 Generic Helping Approaches 3
SSD 235 Project Planning and Management 3
SSD 236 Management and Organization 3
Required Cognate (3 units) SSD 238 Human Relations Training 3
Cognates/ Electives (any one = 3 units) SSD 239 Asian Studies 3
SSD 255 Alternative Education 3
SSD 256 Educational Technology 3
Plan A (9 units) SSD 246 Thesis Seminar 3
SSD 247 Thesis Writing 6
Plan B SSD 257 Thesis Equivalent 4
Total Number of Units (Plan A)48
Total Number of Units (Plan B)43


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