Master of Science in Education with Specialization in Community Development

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This course is designed to provide school outreach coordinators, development workers, and all those engaged in social development work at the community level, with knowledge, attitudes, and skills in Community Development as a strategy for social transformation.


Course RequirementsCourse No.Title of SubjectsUnits
Basic Subjects (15 units) ED 223 Philosophy  of  Commitment to Total Human Development 3
ED 225 Research Methods 3
ED 226 Statistics 3
ED 227 Phenomenological Research 3
ED 228 Foundations of Education 3
Field of Specialization (18 units) (any six = 18 units) CD 230 Social Development Perspective and         Processes 3
CD 231 Community Development 3
CD 232 Communication for Development 3
CD 233 Environment and Education 3
CD 234 Community Organization 3
CD 235 Project Planning and Management 3
CD 236 Community Extension and Training 3
CD 237 Community Services Models in Asia and the Pacific 3
Required Cognate (3 units) ED 224 Socio-Cultural Analysis I 3
Cognates/ Electives (3 units) (any one = 3 units) SW 238 Human Relations Training 3
GS 237 Management Organization and       Development 3
ED 232 Educational Technology 3
ED 234 Alternative Education 3
SSD 229 Components of Social Services 3
Research   Requirement (9 units) CD 246 Thesis Seminar 3
CD 247 Thesis Writing 6
Total Number of Units48


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