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Departments & Sections

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Administration Department

President’s Office
Ramirez, Mina President
Magnata, Evelyn Executive Secretary
Marquez, Cynthia Graphics Artist
Villaflores, Nelia Appointment Secretary
Katigbak, Ma. Corazon Assistant to Special Events
Redor, Rolando Archives Coordinator and Faculty
Accounting Section
Buenaventura, Elisa Corporate Treasurer and Investment Consultant
Matula, Melba Finance Manager and Treasurer
Diestro, Dionalyn Bookkeeper I
Habitan, Sandra Assistant Accountant
Llacuna, Jamaica Lovely Bookkeeper I
Serinas, Julieta Sr. Finance Assistant

Human Resource Development and General Services

Katigbak, Ma. Corazon Head, Human Resource Organizational Development
Pagulayan, Evangeline Head, Physical Facilities Office
Buan, Francisco Utility/Mechanic
Cerrantes, Gerry Maintenance/Messenger
Cordero, Julio Jr. Coordinator, Security Maintenance
Galcing, Eduardo Driver
Jumbas, Eugin Security
Larosa, Jerry Security
Ramirez, Nelbert Security
Ravelo, Francis Utility
Rizo, Noel Utility
Taruc, James Security
Vinas, Rogelio Utility
 Francis Senden Student Center (Hostel)
Garcia, Brian Hostel Manager
Manlagnit, Lourdes Admin Assistant to the Manager
Miraveles, Michel Maintenance/Utility
Loren, Susana Maintenance/Utility
Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Valeroso, Eulogio Head, ICT and Audio-Video Technician
Libang, Ma. Theresa ICT Office Associate
Bustillos, Jerry ICT Technical Assistant
Damas, Richel Joy ICT Technical Assistant
Cerio, Romeo Multi-Media Technical Personnel

Social Development Department

Batoy, Dennis VP for Social Development
Cayas, Nelida CSBCom Coordinator,
Coordinator for Family Center
Espinosa, Niobe Coordinator for Exposure Program
Funes, Christopher Coordinator for CYSF Program
Arienda, Joemedes  CYASF Volunteer
Castillo, Robin  CYASF Volunteer
Litara, Iomerta Dalama  CYASF Volunteer
Rivera, Rhoda  CYASF Volunteer

Academe – Research Department

Arcinue, Prisinia

VP for Academe-Research and Academic Dean
Section Head, Master of Science in Sociology

Acierto, Erlinda Section Head, Master of Science in Education and Administrative Assistant to the Academic Dean
Alonsagay, Gil Full-time Faculty Researcher
Danao, Ines Section Head, Bachelor of Science in Social Work
Dejillas, Leopoldo ACA Faculty
Madrona, Josefina Student Personnel Services Coordinator & Faculty Researcher
Natulla, Erlinda Section Head, Master in Social Services and Development
Reyes, Susana Head, Kahingalay Wellness Center and Faculty Researcher   
Romero, Reynaldo Section Head, Master of Science in Pastoral Sociology, Head of Publications
Ruiz, Elsa Section Head, Master of Science in Social Work
Chair, International Diploma Course   in Community Development
Vital, Villamor Section Head, Master of Science in Economics
Santiago, Renz Lauren Library Assistant
Martinez, Katleen S. Library Assistant
Omaguing, Paterno Office Assistant
Acejas, Alice Research Director and Faculty
Natocyad, Erlinda Faculty Researcher
De la Cruz, Amador Researcher
Faustino, Amelia Registrar
Calupaz, Florencia Assistant Registrar
Documents Liaison Officer
Price, Carol Secretary
Pinero, Gina Secretary
Angeles, Ma. Elena Secretary
Marco, Marilyn Secretary to VP Academe-Research and Academic Dean
Grajales, Veverly Secretary

*as of July 24, 2015


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