• Grassroots in orientation but Asian in character as well as global and cosmic in perspective.
  • A Catholic-inspired institution of higher learning that is ecumenical and interfaith in reality assessment, action, reflection and celebration.
  • ASI is a world view and a movement, a movement of thought, inquiry, action and advocacy for justice, peace and integrity of creation.
  • Promotes academic specialization in an interdisciplinary way.
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A Public Petition Against Corruption

2016 International Diploma Course in Community Development (IDCCD)
‘Lika na sa ASI
ASI Golden Anniversary Books Now Available


Practical Academic Tips

The latest issue of the ASI Practical Academic Tips Newsletter is now out and download requests are now accepted.

‘Lika na sa ASI

In an effort to invite more students to enroll in Asian Social Institute, the Academe-Research Department recently launched a prom...

More scholarship grants for potential social development leaders/ managers from Asian countries

Don Leonardo di Mauro, Director of Episcopale Conferenze Italiana (ECI), Comitate caritativi interventi per gli Terzo Mondo, recei...

New Course Offering: Master of Science in Economics, With Specialization in Sustainable Community Economics

An interdisciplinary economics course that enlightens those engaged in the pursuit of policy, wholesome education and good governa...

Golden Anniversary Books

On the occasion of the Asian Social Institute's celebration of its 50th year (1962-2012), the following three Golden Anniversary...



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In Memory of Our Dear Rev. Fr. Paul van Daelen

ASIAN SOCIAL INSTITUTE (ASI) announces the Passing Over of our beloved
Rev Fr. Paul van Daelen, cicm to New Life

Click the videos which are very telling why his priestly  life is to be celebrated grateful to our Triune God for the gift of his wonderful person.





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