• Grassroots in orientation but Asian in character as well as global and cosmic in perspective.
  • A Catholic-inspired institution of higher learning that is ecumenical and interfaith in reality assessment, action, reflection and celebration.
  • ASI is a world view and a movement, a movement of thought, inquiry, action and advocacy for justice, peace and integrity of creation.
  • Promotes academic specialization in an interdisciplinary way.
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Calling All ASI Alumni

A Public Petition Against Corruption

‘Lika na sa ASI
ASI Golden Anniversary Books Now Available


The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) through Asian Social Institute (ASI), Level IV accredited and a CHED approved Delivering Higher Education Institution (DHEI), is currently extending a scholarship grant to all faculty members* who wish to enroll in graduate education programs particularly, in the following social science fields:

Master of Science in Sociology

Master of Science in Economics

To apply, call (02) 5238265 to 67

-local 409 (VP for Academe-Research)
-local 224 (Secretary of the Dean's Office)
-local 213 (Registrar's Office)

*Pursuant to Republic Act 7722, otherwise known as the Higher Education Act of 1994 and CHED Memorandum Order No. 04, series of 2016,"Guidelines for Graduate Education Delivery for Faculty and Staff Development in the K to 12 Transition Period"


We are announcing the enrollment schedule for the following graduate programs for School Year 2016- 2017

FIRST TERM: July 30- August 13, 2016 (Classes begin on August 8, 2016)

SECOND TERM: January 4- 21, 2017 (Classes begin on January 16, 2017)

THIRD TERM: May 31- June 10, 2017 (Classes begin on June 13, 2017)

Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Cosmic Anthropology

Master of Science in Economics*
-Specialization in Sustainable Community Economics

Master of Science in Sociology*
-Major in Pastoral Studies
-Specialization in Transformational Politics
-Specialization in Transformational Politics for Government Functionaries

Master of Science in Sociology Major in Pastoral Sociology*

Master of Science in Social Work

Master in Social Services and Development**

Master of Science in Education**
-Specialization in Community Development
-Specialization in Transformational Leadership

Bachelor of Science in Social Work* (2nd degree)

For details, call (02) 523 8265 to 67 from 9:00am to 6:oopm (Tuesdays to Saturdays)
Registrar's Office: local 213 | Academe Secretariat: local 222 | Office of the Dean: local 224

*Level IV Accredited | **Level I Accredited

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